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Are you pro-nordic model or not?


I’m not supportive of the current legislation in Bill C-36 which takes inspiration from the ‘nordic model’.

It will force those in the sex trade to put themselves in danger in order to discourage the practice.

Here’s some more factoids from the BC Civil Liberties Association:

Increased safety and dignity for Canadian sex workers must be at the centre of new legislation. This new bill does not respond to the violations of Charter rights that were outlined in the Bedford decision. It is difficult to imagine how this new bill will stand up to constitutional scrutiny in light of Bedford. The BCCLA takes the position that the purchase and sale of sexual services between consenting, capable adults should not be a criminal offence. Capable adults should be able to exercise autonomy over their own bodies. As an organization, we believe that only decriminalization and regulation of sex work will afford those involved in sex work the dignity, safety, and autonomy that they deserve. It is our position that criminalizing the sale or purchase of sex will recreate the dangerous conditions which not only precipitated the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling of unconstitutionality in Bedford v. Canada, but have also ravaged our communities and families.

Bill C-36 seeks to expressly criminalize communicating for the purpose of purchasing sex, and communicating publicly for the purpose of selling sex. The Court, however, ruled in Bedford that “By prohibiting communication in public for the purpose of prostitution, the law prevents prostitutes from screening clients and setting terms for the use of condoms or safe houses. In these ways, it significantly increases the risk that they face”.

In addition, this law creates an entirely new offence aimed at advertising sexual services. This provision would make indoor sex work impossible, though the Supreme Court clearly recognized that the ability to work indoors is a key measure for reducing risk for sex workers.  A substantial and important body of evidence demonstrates that criminalizing the purchase of sex does not result in increased safety for sex workers.  When sex workers are focused on avoiding police detection, whether due to their own criminalization or that of their clients, they are less able to engage in activities that mitigate their risks. Displacement to isolated areas, inability to screen clients, inability to hire security staff, and inability to access police protection are the very conditions that led to the Court’s ruling in Bedford.



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“When you break your bone you don’t try to set it back in place yourself. You go to the hospital. Why is it that people think they can fix their brain, the most crucial part of their body, all by themselves.”

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